Christmas Signs Of Wonder are in the works – getting ready for Christmas 2010! Check out these two: Meaning or Too Busy?

The Signs of Wonder Website with 100% Free Posters and other completely Free Downloads.

All of the graphics, and artwork that Signs of Wonder has produced are royalty free and can be used without express permission, providing that credit is given and our website address is listed as the source.

Otherwise, we want to make the message available for you to forward and pass along however you would like.

thanks for being part of the wild fire.

Signs of Wonder Ministry is looking for partners/volunteers around the world. Here are the top 10 reasons for you to get involved:

Signs Of Wonder…

1) … is Fun and Easy

2) … doesn’t make you talk to people

3) … is completely flexible

4) … can target groups specifically or everyone in general

5) … can be done anywhere

6) … has immediate impact

7) … can easily inspire others

8-10) … send us your thoughts to add here…